No class tomorrow

Remember that we don’t have regular class tomorrow. Use the time to write and research for your bibliography and research papers. I’ll be available in my office (25 Park Place, #2319) around 11:45 to chat if you need help.

Remember also that at least a 4-page draft of your paper is due on Tuesday, April 21.

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I love the fact that Nazneen was able to finally ice skate! It makes me think about how I feel when I listen and/or watch artists on stage or the radio. I, to feel like the artist can be free on stage and when I am on stage, I feel that sense of freedom, like Nazneen.

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I was amazed by these chapters. It sounds lame, but I have never thought about what it would be like to see a new environment like Nazneen is emersed in. I’ve never been outside of the United States, and while I’ve traveled in the United States everywhere that I’ve been I have seen in pictures before at least. This concept of just everything being foreign… I’m embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t really thought about it from an immigration point of view before. These chapters opened that up to me, and I am so greatful. I needed to see through Nazneen’s eyes. 

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Their kids?

While Nazneen’s perspective is beautifully insightful, I couldn’t help but think of what life was like for their children. As the first generation outside of their previous cultural line, it would be interesting to see how the cultures would develop in their minds’ eye. The adults in their world assume that they’re already adjusted (or ruined) by western culture, but I started to wonder how true that actually is. It became incredibly heart breaking to realize that they, most likely, are lost in both cultural worlds. Which, amoungst themselves they made subculture (or the rowdy gangs being described).

This reflection made me realize that Nazneen is not necessarily lost in  culture, so much as her children undoutedly would be… Because she has clear roots settled in her life, something to always consider a comfort zone. Though, she does begin to expand that comfort zone, she does have those around her to relate to her specific situation. Her children have a world of vague truths about them— about tenfold of any average teenager, I would suppose.

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Ice skating as symbol of freedom

The scene where Nazneen watched ice skating on T.V and then she decided to go ice skating was enjoyable. Ice skating for Nazneen was a sign of freedom or liberty. A lot of my classmates wrote about this symbol and I think we are all correct. I personally have been ice skating before and the activity does give you a sense of liberation. Your mind is free from stress while you have fun! Nazneen found her freedom.

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Brick Lane Peer Response to Cultural Clashes

I liked one of the peer responses to the cultural strife that is taking place within the novel with the various characters especially Chanu and Nazneen. There exist this consist subtle but forceful drive or conflict to be at peace with oneself in their current culture and community and this need to conform to the present set of norms. It exhibits the social clashes among different cultures that are merged together by socioeconomic circumstances and also cultural disconnect within those communities sharing the same heritage and race but holding differing values and points of view.

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Brick Lane: Nine Eleven

I think it was brilliant for Ali to put the 9/ll attack in this novel. She showed an entirely different perspective on it. Ali putting 9/11 in the novel from a non- US citizen point of view can actually speak volumes on the reader and where they come from. For example, as an American, I only thought about how the terrorist attack affected the US. That shows the American mindset. America only thinks about America. Looking back, it’s kind of ridiculous to think that something like that, something that devastating would only affect America. But that is the American way. Everything revolves around US.

(I tried to write on something that no one else wrote about. Sorry if this is really far off to the left.)

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