Response to Brick Lane

As I read Brick Lane and saw Nazneen try to find herself within a new culture, I thought about the fact that she might have felt a little invisible. It’s interesting how one can be made to feel inferior when you are around people that are different from you. Also, as I reminisced on the scene when Nazneen first saw ice skating on the TV, the way she views it is so innocent and one can infer that she felt left out of a world that appeared fun. The way she saw the man and the woman working together, it was almost as if she wished that she and Chanu were in sync in the same way. 

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I'm unconventional and like the idea of deviating from the norm. It's hard to write about myself because everyday I learn something new and I try to evolve. Life is about passion and that's how I've been trying to spend my time...just immersed in a passion for writing. Thank you for visiting my blog.
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