Peer Response: culture and 9/11

I don’t really feel like I’m looking into another person’s life when I read this book, because most of the stuff Nazneen goes through I can totally relate in every way. I think this is something every immigrant at a point have to go through. When I read the part about the skating, I thought to myself “yeah exactly how I felt the entire winter”. A lot of experience that people view as a regular day to day activity tend to be a very big deal for most immigrant. The first time I was downtown I was literally blown away by the graffiti’s, the building, the people and the food, it all felt like a whole new world. Then you see the homeless people and you become astonished like wow America also have homeless people who knew. The cultural aspect plays a big role in this book because it’s all Nazneen truly have left after been plunged into this society.
The 9/11 attack really did shake the entire world to its core because it was so unbelievable almost like a dream. I can remember every TV station in Nigeria reporting about the attack the entire week. To answer kalynhardman question, the attack would definitely not have been a big deal if it had happen in Pakistan or any third world country for that matter. That’s a true statement because it actually did happen during the je suis Charlie period. Everyone seem to be into it, and that’s not bad but no one really seemed to care that at the same point in time over a thousand people were being blown and killed in Africa.

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